16 Feb
16 February, 2016

Best Office Plants Air Quality

If you are looking for plants to spruce up your office, you are likely concerned with the size, shape, and color of the plants you choose. It is important to select plants that will look good in your office space, but it is also necessary to keep in mind some other important factors in your plant selection process. Consider choosing office plants based on what they can do to improve the quality of the air in your workspace. Selecting plants that can make a different in the air around you is a fairly simple process, and if you go this route, you will be sure to enjoy all the benefits of the bet office plants air quality available to you and your employees.

Snake Plant

Choose a snake plant if you are looking for something that does well in low lighting conditions. Snake plants are also fond of humidity and warmer climates, so if you live in a cold place or work in an office that has too much air conditioning on most of the time, this might not be the best plant for you. However, if you have the opportunity to place this plant in a smaller, slightly warmer office space, it can liven up the room instantly and provide fresher, cleaner air to everyone in the office. Snake plants, also called mother-in-law’s tongues, are well-known for their ability to remove formaldehyde from the air, which makes them perfect permanent staples in any office that tends to smell of cleaning supplies.


You probably did not realize that aloe is just as great for the air around you as it is for burns and cuts on your skin. This succulent is very easy to grow and quite hardy, meaning that it can withstand significant temperature changes periodically, as long as it is given direct to mostly-direct sunlight. Keep it on your windowsill in your personal office, or keep larger potted aloe plants scattered throughout break rooms and other communal areas to provide an added benefit for everyone in the workplace. If you get a burn at work, you can always use this plant for treating it


Choose a sharp-leaved dracaena for large offices with low to indirect lighting that can use a burst of color. These plants come in a wide variety of types and shades, but the nicest choice for an office setting is the red-edged version. This dracaena has bright green leaves outlined in red, which can add a nice splash of color to any drab office space. Best of all, these plants are excellent at filtering out unwanted chemicals from the air, as well as helping a room smell fresher at all times.

No matter what kind of office space you have, there is a plant out there for you. Whether you are looking for a plant to brighten the room, or you simply hope to find the right low-light plant for your windowsill, it is easy to improve your air quality as well as your surroundings with office plants. Choose the right plant to fit your needs, and you will soon find yourself enjoy the best office plants air quality around!

- Danielle Halls