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When it comes to lending some much-needed life to an office, desk plants are a great alternative to the standard coffee mugs and family photos that often dot workplace surfaces. A couple well-placed pots, even small ones, can have positive benefits not only for the person working at the desk, but also his or her co-workers.

The variation in colour and size of plants makes them an intriguing option when it comes to decorating desks. Colourful, flourishing flowers look and smell great. But their benefits go way beyond aesthetics. Bright flowers lead to brighter moods, whether it’s via acting as a conversation starter or simply taking somebody’s mind off work whether they realise it or not.

Obviously the point isn’t to cover the entire working area in leaves and vines. But that doesn’t mean a desk plant has to be a single tiny stem with one prim and proper leaf. That’s one of the best things about desk plants – they can be chosen and shaped for different aims.

Regardless of the size and look of the plants, nobody is ever going to mistake heading into the office for going on a wild jungle safari. However, even the smallest and simplest desk plants can at least give the smallest hint of being outside, free of the constraints of the workplace.

Whether they be in personal cubicles, busy reception areas or large common spaces, desk plants can switch things up a bit and offer a pleasant alternative to standard office fare.

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