01 Mar
01 March, 2016

Office Plants Succulents

If you work in an office, chances are good that you have realized how boring and plain the atmosphere can be, especially if there are no decorations to be found. Unfortunately, sometimes it can be so difficult to remember to water the office plants that they dry up and no longer provide any kind of aesthetic benefit to the office at all. When searching for a solution, you may be surprised to find that succulents are the answer. If you are looking for perfect low-water office plants succulents can provide an excellent alternative to more traditional, leafy or flowering plants that require regular watering on a schedule. Keep in mind a few options when selecting succulents for your office space.

Christmas Cactus

The Christmas cactus is a popular succulent that falls into the cactus category, despite its many large, full blooms. When in bloom, the Christmas cactus looks as though it is weighted down with the heavy blossoms that make it such a popular interior design choice. Most commonly, these plants feature bright pink flowers that can really add a lot of color and excitement to even the most boring room in an office. When not in bloom, this plant does not need much water. After the flowers come in, it will need slightly more regular watering, but it still remains an easy to care for succulent that works well in indirect lighting.

Pincushion Cactus

Perhaps one of the most popular cactus options for home and office spaces, the pincushion cactus is very easy to care for. This little plant never grows very large, which makes it a good choice for desks and other, smaller work spaces. However, because this cactus is covered in sharp, prickly spines, it may not be the best choice for spaces where customers can come into contact with it. Place it in a room where it can receive some sunlight, through a window, and do not worry about watering it very often. This is a hardy plant that does well in very dry conditions.


Sometimes referred to as hens-and-chickens, the hen-and-chicks is another type of succulent related to the cactus family. These small, round plants are very easy to care for, and require very little in the way of lighting or watering. The leaves of this succulent grow into a pretty rosette pattern, which may or may not have slightly sharp spikes on the ends. The mother plant regularly puts off smaller shoots that can be left in the pot with the plant, or propagated in another, separate pot. The frequent reproduction of this succulent is what gives it its unique name.

If you are looking for the perfect office plants succulents are the way to go. Use succulents in your office space when you worry that no one will remember to keep other plants watered frequently enough. Since many succulents also do not require much lighting, they are easily the perfect solution to office decorating dilemmas. Add several throughout your workspace to brighten up the place significantly!

- Danielle Halls