15 Mar
15 March, 2016

Office Plants That Smell Good

Some office spaces pose a few difficulties when it comes to selecting the perfect plants with which to decorate them. In some offices, lighting is very low, and therefore plant selections may be considerably limited. In others, it may be difficult for employees to remember to keep the plants watered regularly, which can cause quite a few problems when it comes to keeping many of these plants alive. If, however, you do not have quite as many limitations on your office plant selection, you may prefer to choose office plants that smell good for your decoration needs. When choosing nicely scented office plants, it is important to keep in mind the watering and lighting needs of the plants in question, so as not to select something that will not work at all in your workspace.


You might not have heard of keeping honeysuckle indoors, as it is most commonly found growing on large bushes out in the wild, but under the right conditions, it can be a delightful and unique office plant selection. Technically, this plant is a vine, so it does best in large window boxes that can be placed in indirect sunlight. If your décor space allows it, honeysuckle can be a very interesting addition to your office, and it can work as a great conversation piece, as well. The aroma given off by this plant is very sweet and subtle, which works particularly well in smaller, closed-in spaces such as offices.


Many herbs provide some of the best fragrances available in the world of indoor plants. Choose lavender when you want a plant that is easy to care for which can provide incredible aromas throughout the office. Lavender prefers to be in direct sunlight, but will also do well in indirect sunlight, and can be placed near a window for the best possible results. It likes to be watered, but if you miss a few days or forget to water it for a little while, it is resistant to dry spells and will bounce back with little to no lasting damage. Lavender is a pretty, smaller office plant that produces small flowers for that added bit of color.


For a very original office plant that will keep your workspace smelling amazing all year long, choose mint. Customers and clients that pass through your office will be intrigued by your use of mint in interior decoration, and you will be able to enjoy the benefits of this easy-to-grow herb right from your own place of work. The smell of mint is powerful, and it can do a lot for an office that might ordinarily smell of cleaners or other chemicals. Best of all, if you want a little in your tea or water, you can simply pluck a leaf from the office plant and enjoy it at any time.

When looking for office plants that smell good, consider your space and the options that are available to you. If you have more room near a window, you might be able to choose a flowering plant. However, if you have limited sunlight, you may be better off growing fragrant herbs in your office space and enjoying their benefits, instead.

- Danielle Halls