22 Mar
22 March, 2016

Top 5 Office Plants

Sometimes, offices can be very drab places. Most often, the walls are gray or white, and the furniture does not stand out very much. It can be difficult to find a good way to bring some life to your office space. However, office plants are a great way to start! There are many different office plants that work well in low-lighting settings and can go a little extra time without being watered, in the case of long work holidays. Check out this list of the top 5 office plants to help spruce up your work space, then pick your favorites and get ready to enjoy all the benefits of plant life on the job!


For a pot-dwelling plant, choose pothos, a sturdy green vine that has large, shimmering leaves. This plant looks great when perched on a shelf so as to allow its vines to fall elegantly over the side. The vines are also great for propagating new plants, so soon everyone in the office can have a pothos of their own.

Spider Plant

If you are looking for a hanging plant to brighten your office, try the spider plant. This large plant may look a little wild, but it grows beautifully into large green and white splaying leaves that eventually put out smaller, child plants. Use those smaller plants to start a whole new spider plant in a separate pot, and you will have an unlimited supply!

Peace Lily

Nothing looks prettier than a peace lily that has grown into full bloom. Plant your peace lily in a large pot so as to allow plenty of space for it to spread out. When its beautiful white flowers blossom, your office will be that much more lively. Water it sparingly to keep it happy, and keep it in indirect sunlight.


If you have a sunny windowsill in your office, you might consider placing a small, decorative cactus there to give your space a little burst of fun and whimsy. Cactus do require direct sunlight in order to be truly healthy, but since they do not need much water at all, they can be excellent options for those times when you are a little too forgetful with your other plants.

Air Plants

Air plants are a relatively new type of office plant that has become wildly popular in recent years. Usually, air plants are placed inside simple glass containers, sometimes on their own or with a few decorative pebbles. These plants do not require soil, and usually need only a light misting of water to keep them alive.

No matter what style of plant you are looking for, and no matter what your lighting and water situations might be, you can easily find the perfect office plant to make your work space much more beautiful. Choose from this list of the top 5 office plants for your work space, or bring a little bit of everything into your business the next time you redesign. Whatever you choose, you will receive tons of benefits simply from placing a few plants around the office.

- Danielle Halls