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Indoor Plant Hire in Sydney

With over 30 years of experience, Gaddy’s is Sydney’s trusted and premier indoor plant hire specialists.

Plant Displays

Specialising in grounds maintenance for domestic, commercial & strata.

Starter Packages

Perfect for cafes, studios & small to medium office spaces.

Custom Fit Outs

Create a more productive & positive work environment with our tailored packages.

Events & Functions

Short term plant hire for product launches corporate events & weddings.


About Gaddy's Plant Hire

We have an extensive range of indoor plants for hire including floor plants, desktop plants & rectangular boxes. Whatever your indoor plant hire requirements are, whether your office has high light or low light, if you are looking for a classic or contemporary look we can tailor an indoor plants hire package that best suits your needs.

Indoor Plant Hire

One of the most important hires a boss can make is not a new account person or another micromanaging executive. The next hire should actually be a variety of colourful and re-energising office plants. Indoor plant hire is a simple way to spruce up any area, whether it be a single desk, a small lounge, or a large conference area.

Social activities such as parties can help alleviate some of the pent-up professional pressure that comes with trudging into work every day. But that only goes so far. Extracurriculars don’t do much for the person struggling thorough yet another long afternoon of reports, meetings, and deadlines.

Indoor Plants

Indoor plants make coming into work much more pleasant and can lead to the growth of ideas. Office plants enliven boring areas take peoples’ minds off the mountain of tasks they have. They are an effective solution that works every minute of every day.

Studies show that being exposed to certain colours can positively impact peoples’ moods for the better. Healthy plants lead to healthy minds and attitudes. Vegetation is one of the easiest ways to freshen up sour work saps and invigorate a tepid team.

Office Plants

Office plants can also act as purifiers, cleaning up the air in which they live. Populating a workspace with indoor office plants benefits workers’ emotional and physical health. Work environments flush with flora even lead to higher attendance rates. That’s right – more succulents equal fewer sickies.

Even though choosing, purchasing, and maintaining office plants can seem like a massive undertaking, it’s really not. It’s now easier than ever to order indoor plants online. That’s because there are so many different varieties of plans and plants on offer. Some workspaces require small plants that sit in hallways or on desks. Other times the situation calls for larger pots that can take up space and make cavernous areas more homely and inviting. That’s why there are so many options to choose from, based on size, shape, and style.

Professionals with years of experience can help choose which vegetation is best-suited for certain types of areas. But the convenience doesn’t end there, it can take a lot of work to keep indoor office plants looking their freshest – that’s why specialists come in to make sure everything is going well with the plants, pruning, watering and rotating them as needed.

Tens of thousands of dollars are spent to improve the look outside buildings and make them more appealing places in which to work. Now the same can easily be done inside for much less money by way of indoor plant hire. 

Sydney Indoor Plant Hire Services

  • Design & Consultation – Plant Rental Sydney
  • Installation & Ongoing Plant Care – Plant Hire Sydney
  • Plant Replacements
  • Quality Visits
  • Custom Fit-outs
  • Corporate Event & Short term Plant Hire
  • Office Plant Hire
  • Outdoor Garden & Lawn Maintenance

Gaddy’s has over 30 years of experience in the nursery & indoor plant hire industry. Our success can largely be attributed to our commitment to provide high-quality service & products for a very competitive & affordable price.