What Are The Best Plants For Your Desk?

There is an abundance of plants to choose from that are just right for the desk. These plants tend to do well even if they’re neglected a bit, and some of them even clean the air. Here are five of them.
The nearly indestructible snake plant comes in many species and varieties. It has beautiful, sword-shaped leathery leaves sometimes edged with gold and bearing alternating bands of shades of green. If the plant is taken care of, it may even send up a spike of white flowers. Snake plants are also good for taking pollutants out of the air. They’re unusual because, unlike other plants, they breathe out oxygen and breathe in carbon dioxide at night.
There are hundreds of species of these beautifully marked plants. Most of them are air plants, which means they don’t really need be potted in soil. However, water needs to be kept in the cups made by the leaves. We at Gaddy’s are pleased to perform this service as well as misting and washing down the leaves and applying fertilizer. Bromeliads do best on a desk that faces a large east or west window. The glory of these plants is that when they’re old enough and cared for enough they produce spikes of technicolor flowers that last for months.
Spathe Flower
These plants have big, glossy green leaves and thrive in warm rooms with filtered light. The soil needs to be kept moist, and sometimes the plant sends up white spathes. But its leaves are this plant’s main attraction.
Rubber Plant
Like the snakeplant, the rubber plant is nearly indestructible. It is a type of fig that is grown for its oval-shaped, glossy dark green leaves. This plant can grow rather large, but when it’s young it makes an excellent desk plant for an office with an eastern or western exposure. We keep the soil moist, and sponge down the leaves every couple of weeks to keep the plant clean.
Dumb Cane
This plant is also grown for its beautiful, large, variegated leaves. Another tough plant, the dumb cane can tolerate the dry air and moderate light found in many offices but doesn’t like to be overwatered. Because of this, we let its soil dry out between waterings.
Gaddy’s is pleased to offer these plants for hire in aesthetically pleasing arrangements. Don’t hesitate to call 02 9606 6826 for more information.

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