Guide to the Best Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are a great way to not only enhance your home but also provide a health benefit of filtered air for yourself and and your family. But, which plants are best for indoor? Here is a guide for choosing

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Indoor Plant Trends 2018

2018, for those of us above the equator, starts with a plant-killing chill. But indoor gardeners are already getting their hands in the soil to incorporate the freshest trends of 2018 into their décor. If you’re watching what’s buzzing on

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The Benefits of Hiring Indoor Plants

Everyone loves indoor living plants, as they bring a breath of fresh air inside from nature. Not only do they look great and smell nice, but they facilitate oxygen exchange to and from our lungs and add personality to the

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How Does Indoor Plant Hire Work?

Plants are a terrific addition to any home or office environment. These plants can make the indoor air quality better while providing an excellent decor scheme. Many businesses lack the proper amount of natural sunlight to grow most plants inside.

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Office Plants Fluorescent Light

In a perfect world, we would probably all work in large, spacious, airy offices with plenty of natural sunlight to help our office plants grow strong. Unfortunately, most of us often cannot enjoy the benefits of sunlight shining into our

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Indoor Plant Hire Cost

Office spaces can be uncomfortable and boring when they do not have the benefit of plant life to spruce up the scenery. However, even if you know that you would like some live plants in your office, you may have

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