Large Floor Displays

Large floor displays of plants and flowers are a simple solution to a lot of common office problems. While they will definitely not be able to calm down angry clients or fix up messy memo typos, spreading plants around the office can improve both the look and feel of an otherwise vanilla workspace. 

One of the best things about outfitting an office with large floor displays is that there are so many options from which to choose. Long planter boxes can create a more exciting, natural path down hallways covered in muted tones. Shorter pots can slide in under windows and enhance any natural light that filters in. Then there are larger human-sized plants that can make a room feel more comfortable without getting in the way.

In addition to sizes, shapes and colours allow large floor displays to jive with a multitude of office areas. It’s never been easier to match the tones of a wall or carpet or add some funkiness to a tepid design. Spaces filled with greenery create a more comfortable environment, one that can elicit feelings of being outside instead of stuck in an office.

There are also emotional and physical health positives to incorporating larger plants in professional places. Large plants help clean stale recycled air that workers live and operate in. Office plants can also improve the moods of employees and even cut down on them chucking sickies, therefore improve productivity. Large floor displays turn workplaces into vibrant greenspaces to everybody’s benefit.