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In a perfect world, we would probably all work in large, spacious, airy offices with plenty of natural sunlight to help our office plants grow strong. Unfortunately, most of us often cannot enjoy the benefits of sunlight shining into our work spaces, and our plants suffer for it. It is important to have a wide variety of plants around the office, to help boost employee morale as well as to make the space more fluid and the air more breathable. However, it may be difficult to determine which plants are best for a fluorescent lighting environment. Check out this list of the best office plants fluorescent light works well with, and pick a few of your favorites to keep around your work place.

Jade Plants

Choose jade plants for your low fluorescent lighting when you want a splash of glossy bright green without having to work too hard to enjoy it. These plants are part of the succulent family, just like cactus, but they do not require the strong direct sunlight that cactus plants do. They do not need a lot of watering, either, and thrive very well in office conditions.


There are very few plants as easy to care for as bamboo. Although you have likely seen bamboo plants in tiny pots for desks and shelves, it is also possible to keep much larger, floor-standing pots of bamboo with relatively the same amount of ease. With simple office lighting and just enough water to cover the substrate, bamboo can grow for years before it needs to be transplanted into soil.

Peace Lilies

With only a once a week watering schedule, peace lilies can grow very well in fluorescent lighting alone. They do not need any direct sunlight, and they are likely to bloom even without any additional care. They feature beautiful and elegant white flowers as well as glossy bright green leaves that can make your office space look relaxed and refined. Since the blooms are actually just an extension of the leaves themselves, they will not wilt and fall off nearly as quickly as those on regular flowering plants.


There are tons of benefits to keeping ficus trees around the office, as these plants are great at stripping toxins from the air. Although they are available in smaller sizes, most are at least a few feet tall, and can provide an excellent focal point for any larger room. Although ficus trees do well in fluorescent lighting, they do not like it when their light source changes often. Place them in a room where the lighting will remain stable, and be sure to water often.

No matter what type of plant you are looking for, you are sure to find the perfect solution to your fluorescent lighting problems in the world of indoor office plants. Remember to pick a plant that does not necessarily need direct sunlight, and as long as you keep it watered the right amount, you should have no trouble providing plenty of greenery in your place of work.

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