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When you get in touch with Gaddy’s Indoor Plant Hire, you can be sure to have a great customer service experience from start to finish. For the best office plant hire Castle Hill has to offer, call us today and find out what we can do for your office. Large or small, with a significant budget or very little money to work with, we can help take care of you and your office needs. Let the professionals on our team work magic on your office space, and you will soon find out what a difference a little greenery can make.

About Castle Hill

Castle Hill provides a nice mix of industry, commerce and residential areas all within the same district. Many of Castle Hill’s businesses are older and more traditional than you might find in nearby areas.


Choose the best indoor plant hire Castle Hill has to offer to get everything you are looking for and more from our excellent company. We offer a huge selection of different plant displays to choose from, so that no matter what your office size might be, you can make the most of the space you have to work with using the perfect plants for your area. Choose from many different desktop plants, cabinet plants, vertical gardens, and floor plants to help make your office look as bright and green as possible, and then go with one of the excellent package plans we have available to help narrow down your selection process even further. You will be happy with any choice you make when you book with us.

Installation and Maintenance

Do you find yourself worrying about how to go about setting up your office plants? If so, why worry about it at all? When you contact our staff, you can rest assured knowing that someone else will be taking care of your plant installation for you. Our professional team has combined experience of over thirty years in the industry, and we are ready and waiting to answer any questions or tend to any concerns you might have about your plant installation. When we come directly to your office to set up your plants, you can expect an efficient and high quality installation every time.

There is more to our company than simply plant installation, however. After your plants have been established, our team will visit your office regularly as a part of your scheduled contract, and we will take care of any plaint maintenance your office might need. This includes pruning dead growth from plants, watering and fertilizing whenever necessary, and even turning plants toward their light source as needed. We will also replace dead or diseased plants if you should require this service, so you never have to worry again about the details of your interior office décor.

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Contact our staff today to receive a detailed proposal that outlines all of the plants you will need to make your office space beautiful. Our professional team will also provide you with a final price quote, which will make it much easier for you to make your final decision.

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