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Pot Plant Hire Sydney

We can advise you on the most suitable pot plants to hire for your specific Sydney office or showroom. When choosing your plants it is important to consider a number of factors such as:

Pot Plants Available for Hire in Sydney

Gaddy’s Indoor Plant Hire offer a large variety of planters & pot plants for hire in Sydney. Our list of desktop plants floor plants is not exhaustive & we are able to offer free advice on what specific office plants, pot plants & planters for hire in Sydney will work best for your office conditions. We guarantee the best pot plants for commercial premises of all types and sizes. We advise on the most suitable types of plants for your workplace or retail space. But more importantly, we help source, install, and maintain the plants for our clients in Sydney and neighbouring regions. We can help you with your plant hiring needs for;
Commercial and Residential Spaces – Indoor plants for hire go beyond boosting your workplace’s appearance to creating a healthier environment. And unlike many pot plant hire companies that only focus on commercial premises, we also have excellent plans for residential spaces.
Corporate Offices – Pot plants play an essential role in making your offices more loveable, functional, and healthier. You can use our hire plants to divide your corporate space, soften the hard surfaces in your premises, or give your building a more inviting look. Even more, you can achieve this without worrying about the maintenance costs.
Events and Functions – We understand that planning and implementing corporate events and functions can be challenging. But if you are looking for a way to enhance the theme in your events, you would better trust us. We will recommend incredible flower and plant selections for your functions, events, and conferences. We also guarantee prompt delivery, proper setup, and timely collection.
Weddings and Parties – We can give your weddings, birthdays, and other celebrations the liveliness that they deserve with our versatile range of flowers and plants. Our selections will ensure that you make your special days memorable by complementing your décor and setting.
Retail Enterprises – Ideally, our plants and pots are not exclusively for corporates and big companies. Instead, retailers and small businesses can also benefit from our pot plant hire Sydney services. We offer long-term and short-term plant rental services. You can take advantage of this for events, photoshoots, or storefront beautification services.

Why Choose Hiring Pot Plants Over Buying or Growing Your Indoor Plants?

Buying your own plants may sound like a good idea, however, it can be time and resource-consuming to maintain indoor plants on your own. With our experience and expertise, we can ensure that your plants remain lively and let us handle the day-to-day maintenance so that you can focus on your core business.

Our pot plant hire and maintenance services include placing, dusting, watering, polishing, and nourishing the plants. We also provide free replacements to ensure that you have all your plants healthy at all times.

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