08 Mar
08 March, 2016

Office Plants That Need No Sunlight

When making plans to decorate your office, it is tempting to choose the first beautiful plants you see and hope that they will work out in the end. However, this is not a great method, as many plants are inappropriately placed in dark offices with almost no sunlight, leading them to die very quickly. It is important to select office plants that need no sunlight when you are working with limited window space, and particularly when decorating rooms in your office which may not have any windows at all. There are several office plants available which do not require sunlight, so select from these options when choosing the perfect plant to lighten up your workspace.

Boston Fern

The Boston fern is usually the plant that most people think of when they think of ferns in general. These hanging plants grow long, slender leaves with several small fronds that hang low over the sides of the plant’s container, providing a beautiful and minimalistic approach to office decorating. These plants are great for the air, as well, and you will surely enjoy their purifying qualities as well as their beautiful appearance when you hang them throughout your office. Although they do not require any sunlight in order to thrive, they do need regular watering, so be sure there is someone in the office dedicated to the upkeep of your ferns.

African Violets

Known for being very popular as house plants, African violets also make great office plants, particularly when you do not have access to much sunlight. These tropical plants have wide, flat, oval leaves that are greenish-purple. Their leaves perfectly complement their bright purple flowers, which sprout from the center of the plants. This is a small plant that does not get very tall, although very healthy specimens can spread out widely when they are growing well. Water African violets only when the dirt is dry.


Many office workers keep a piece of bamboo growing on their desks, and some believe it can bring good luck to its owner. Whether or not you agree with that belief, bamboo can make for an excellent office centerpiece, as well as a great desk decoration. When it thrives, bamboo can grow to be several feet tall, and larger cuts of this plant can be placed in floor pots around the office to bring a touch of modernism and class to the entire space. If you choose to keep a smaller bamboo on your desk, you will benefit from this sense of style, albeit to a lesser degree. Bamboo must be watered about once a week, but it does not require soil in order to grow.

If you are looking for office plants that need no sunlight, you are in luck. You have several options to choose from, each of which is more beautiful and decorative than the last. Select the perfect low-light office plant for your space, and get ready to enjoy the benefits of a much more aesthetically pleasing work area in almost no time at all.

- Danielle Halls