23 Feb
23 February, 2016

Office Reception Plants

Offices can be drab, boring places, particularly if they are not decorated nicely. If you are looking for ways to improve the aesthetic appeal of your office, consider adding some office reception plants to the main room to spruce up this vital part of the workplace. The reception area of any office is an important part of the flow of the entire operation, and bringing some cheerfulness to the people who work there is a great way to improve productivity in all employees. Plants in the reception area can even brighten the moods of customers and clients who pass through during a given work day. Select the right plants for your reception desk, and you will enjoy their benefits almost immediately.

Peace Lily

If you have a spacious office without a lot of access to windows, the peace lily may be the best choice of office reception plants for you. With large, thick leaves and uniquely beautiful ivory flowers, these plants are as well-known as they are beloved throughout the world. The peace lily does not require much sunlight at all, and in fact, it does best in low lighting such as an office setting. Because of its large, sprawling leaves, it is a good choice for any office reception area that has a little too much space.

Jade Plant

The jade plant is a small succulent with wide, flat, tear-drop shaped leaves that sprout in bunches from curved branches. This plant stays relatively small, which makes it an excellent choice for a desk or waiting room table. Some variations of the jade plant also feature small flowers that can add a burst of color to an otherwise dull reception area. As it needs very little watering, this plant is a great choice for an office setting, where other plants might go too long without being watered.


Although these prickly favorites may not be the first plants that come to mind when considering options for your office reception area, consider adding a cactus or two to the desk itself to help bring a touch of whimsy to the room. With a variety of sizes and shapes available, as well as flowering and non-flowering choices, the cactus offers plenty of alternatives for any type of office. Since the cactus does not require much water, it is a great choice for the office. However, it does require more light than some of the other potential office reception plants listed here, so it may not thrive in low lighting conditions.

Whether or not you have low lighting or plenty of light, less frequent watering or a dedicated plant attendant, you can easily choose the best plant for your office reception area from the variety of available options. If you are looking for a flowering plant or something a little more whimsical, you have several great plants to choose from. Pick your favorite, and get ready to benefit from the color, beauty and fun that office reception plants bring to employees and customers both!

- Danielle Halls