23 Apr
23 April, 2018

Guide to the Best Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are a great way to not only enhance your home but also provide a health benefit of filtered air for yourself and and your family. But, which plants are best for indoor? Here is a guide for choosing what plants will work for your home!

Choosing Your Indoor Plant

When choosing plants for your indoor space it is important to choose plants that can thrive in an indoor environment. Indoor plants are plants that thrive in relatively low light, and low maintenance. Here is a list of low maintenance plants that thrive in an indoor environment:

Snake Plants




Ivy and Pothos


Rubber Figs





Indoor Plant Care

If you decide you want plants for your indoor space, it is important to know how to take care of them! Here are some rules of thumb when it comes to your indoor plant care.

Potting – If you decide to re-pot your indoor plants yourself, there are a few things to consider. If you want your plant to grow larger than it’s current size be sure to put it in a larger pot with extra potting soil so it has room to grow. Be sure to choose pots that have a good draining system so your plant doesn’t rot.

Watering – Some indoor plants require more water than others. So a good rule of thumb is to keep the soil moist and provide them with pots that are well drained to prevent rotting. If you plant begins to look wilted, you may be over watering your plant.

Light – While there are plants that can thrive in an indoor environment, it is still important that the plant is still receiving enough sun. Consider plants that require low sunlight to survive. Be sure to place plants near a window that receives a lot of sunlight so that the plant can receive some indirect and direct sunlight.

Pruning = Pruning your plant is an important for your plant’s health. Pruning is removing parts of the plant that may cause harm to the plant. If you see dead or diseased leaves on your indoor plant, carefully remove those parts of the plant so the disease won’t spread and your plant can continue to thrive.

Choosing an indoor plant to elevate your indoor space can be fun if you know what plants to look for! There are plenty of low maintenance plants that are ideal for indoor spaces. Remember to practice good plant care to ensure your plants remain healthy. Happy planting!

- Danielle Halls