How Does Indoor Plant Hire Work?

Plants are a terrific addition to any home or office environment. These plants can make the indoor air quality better while providing an excellent decor scheme. Many businesses lack the proper amount of natural sunlight to grow most plants inside. Florescent light in offices is common, and office managers and owners may not realize that there are fantastic live plant varieties that thrive in this type of lighting if they are properly maintained. Indoor Plant Hire is a premier indoor plant design, installation and maintenance company that offers their unique plant services in the Sydney area. Custom jobs are also available.
Indoor Plant Hire allows businesses to have beautiful green plants indoors that they don’t have to worry about. Our seasoned employees can maintain your new office plants. Your office employees are free to perform their usual work while enjoying the benefits of gorgeous green plant displays. We offer Consultation and Design Services to ensure that the plants installed are suited for your particular work environment needs. The plants can be rented for a low fee, and our design consultant will suggest plant varieties, arrangements, planter options and our best air quality plant recommendations suited for your specific business.
Our fully insured employees are highly skilled in plant care. All have green card certification, and we provide security passes. Our Installation and Maintenance Services offer a way for businesses to have well tended indoor plant arrangements with no fuss and little cost. Whenever possible, our installation team sets up your displays outside to limit mess and intrusions. Our maintenance services include the following:

  • Regular Watering & Fertilising
  • Dressing Up Top Ups
  • Cleaning & Dusting
  • Recommended Pruning
  • Disease ID Services with Fully-Non-Toxic Treatment if Needed
  • Artistic Plant Arrangement and Rotation

Indoor work environments can be made more relaxing and aesthetically pleasing by simply adding some appropriate plant displays. Indoor Plant Hire offers businesses a low-cost plant rental and maintenance service that starts for just $5 per weekly rental fees. The average costs for our packages are about $12-$17 per week. We stand by our work, and any plant will be replaced free if necessary. With our tender hand watering and other maintenance services, your selected plant displays will bring a bit of the fresh outdoors inside for all to enjoy.

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