16 Apr
16 April, 2018

Indoor Plant Trends 2018

2018, for those of us above the equator, starts with a plant-killing chill. But indoor gardeners are already getting their hands in the soil to incorporate the freshest trends of 2018 into their décor. If you’re watching what’s buzzing on Pinterest, Instagram, and other social media, you may not be surprised to see some familiar plants on this list.

Variant patterned leaves

The hottest trends of 2018 are all about the wow factor and indoor gardeners are looking to plants with bold, pattered leaves. Prayers Plants give off a tropical vibe with their gorgeous variety of colors and patterns and at night, their leaves will fold like praying hands. Another eye-catching plant that follows the pattern trend is the Pink Princess Philodendron. This unique plant flaunts a broad swash of delicate pink through its leaves, adding a splash of color to any room.


The elegance of vines is somewhat timeless but that doesn’t mean it has to be traditional. Hindu Rope Hoya stands out with its dense, curly leaves. They cluster tightly together on long vines and can be found in solid, dark green hues or in variegated white, green, and pink. If you’re a traditionalist, there’s nothing to fear. English Ivy, while a classic staple with its iconic, cascading vines, is still a hot contender in 2018. After all, a plant doesn’t become a classic without good reason.


Like the tropical aura of the prayer plant, cacti immediately invoke memories of warmer climates. They have steadily risen in popularity, featuring not only in people’s homes, but on social media, and even in fashion. A statement cactus for your home could be a night blooming cereus. This beautiful, columnar cactus comes in bright blue-green hues and conceals a lovely surprise. It develops buds for several weeks and then blooms in pink, white, and yellow splendor for a single night.

Aquatic plants

Nothing takes up the wow factor quite like aquatic plants, and the star of 2018 is the Marimo Moss Ball. Marimos are soft, round balls of algae that can thrive in glass containers even with little sunlight. Their soft, vibrant appearance and unique ecosystem have made them a favorite in the indoor plant sphere.

Whether you like your pants dry and spiky, or soft and aquatic, you’re sure to find a plant that captures your imagination in the trends of 2018

- Danielle Halls